How can I use my Globe At Home app? Quick Guide 2022

So, how can I use my Globe At Home app?

To manage your Globe At Home Postpaid account, you need to download the Globe At Home app. To manage your Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi account, you need to download the New GlobeOne app. Just make sure to enter your account/prepaid WiFi details correctly and go through the account verification process.

How can I download Globe At Home on my laptop?

How to Download Globe at HOME on PC Search Globe at HOME in Google Play. Download and Install Globe at HOME. Enjoy playing Globe at HOME on PC with Menu.

How can I check my Globe settings at home?

Go to and log in using your username and password, which are at the back of your modem. On the “Advanced” tab, select “WiFi”, then “WiFi Security Settings”. … Enter the desired name and password for your Home Prepaid WiFi and click Save.

Can’t connect to Globe At Home app?

If you have problems opening the Globe At Home app or encounter some other problems with the app crashing, please try to uninstall and reinstall the Globe At Home app.

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What is the default username and password for Globe At Home?

Step 2: Enter your Globe at Home dashboard username and password. The default username is user and the password is @l03e1t3. If you forgot your password, you will have to reset the modem and login using the default password.

How can I check my Globe home prepaid WiFi status?

To access your dashboard, simply go to the modem dashboard, while connected to your Prepaid Home WiFi. You can also track your data usage on your New GlobeOne App.

Can I change the SIM of Globe At Home prepaid WiFi?

No need to worry. You can now get a Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi SIM replacement for free and again enjoy its prepaid WiFi promos! Just go to the store and Globe will gladly replace the SIM for you. You can use it immediately and enjoy sulit offers from Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi.

How can I check my data usage on Globe?

Simply dial *143#, select MyAccount, and select Mobile Internet Usage to see how many GB or MB you have left.

How can I check my data usage in Globe?

Check Globe remaining balance by dialing *143# Step 1: Open your device’ Dialer or Phone app. Step 2: Dial *143#. Step 4: To check for the remaining data balance, type 0 (MyAccount) > type 1 (Data Balance) > Wait for the text message with your data balance details.

How do I change my Globe router password?

About This Article Go to your router’s address (192.168. 254.254) and sign in. Tap the WiFi Settings tab. Change the password in the “WPA pre-shared key” box. Tap Apply.

What is the IP address of globe at home? STEP 1: Go to and log in through your username and password. You may locate these credentials at the back of your modem.

How can I check WiFi usage on my phone?

Open Settings | Data Usage. From that window, tap the menu button (three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and tap Show Wi-Fi (Figure D). Once it’s enabled, you’ll see a Wi-Fi tab listed (Figure E)“tap on that tab, and you can view your Wi-Fi data usage in the same way as you can cellular usage.

How many GB is HomeSURF199?

HomeSURF199. PROMO INCLUDES: 23 GB open access data. 1 GB daily of Watch, Learn, Chat and Earn apps.

Does globe at home SIM expire?

Your Globe Prepaid SIM card will expire within two (2) months from first use and any remaining/unconsumed balance will be forfeited. To continue availing of the Prepaid service, you need to reload your Prepaid account within four (4) months from date of expiry.

How can I speed up my Globe prepaid WiFi?

Maximize Your WiFi Place WiFi modem in a central location. Avoid placing near thick concrete walls that weaken the signal. … Know the Right Connection Speed. … Unauthorized Use of Your WiFi connection. … Manually Boost Your WiFi Signal. … 2.4Ghz VS 5GHz Connection.

How can I activate free 10GB globe at home prepaid WiFi?

How do I claim the 10GB freebie that comes with my new Home Prepaid WiFi device? It’s easy — just turn on your modem! Take note that it may take up to 15 minutes for the 10GB to be sent to your Prepaid WiFi number, so make sure to download the All-New GlobeOne app via so you can monitor your data.

Is 50GB enough for 1 month?

With your 50GB of data, you’ll be able to browse the internet for approximately 600 hours per month, to stream 10,000 songs online or to watch 100 hours of online video in standard definition.

How do I access my Globe WiFi router?

Open your web browser and then key in your router’s default gateway: 192.168. 254.254. Type “”user”” as your username and password.

How do I change my 192.168 254.254 password?

Open a web browser and go to Click Wireless Settings and then Basic Settings. Make sure wireless is turned On and enter a name for your network in SSID box. … Select Advanced Security Settings or Security Settings from the menu. Select WPA Wireless Security.

How do I block someone from using my WiFi?

Using Third-party Applications Launch a browser and enter the router IP address. Log in with the credentials. Click on Wireless or Advanced Menu, then Security. Click on MAC Filter. Add the MAC address you want to block access for in the filter list. Select Reject for MAC filter mode. Now click Apply.

How do I change my WiFi name and password?

Android 10/11 (Samsung) Step 1: Swipe a finger down from the top to expand the Notification Shade and tap the cog icon to open the Settings panel. Step 2: Tap on Connections. Step 3: Tap on Wi-Fi. Step 4: Tap on the cog icon next to your network’s name.

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