How to buy diamonds in ML using Globe load?

So, you want to know How to buy diamonds in ML using Globe load?

To pay using your Globe Prepaid load, head on over to Google Play’s settings, click ‚ÄúAdd Payment Method‚Äù and enable Carrier Billing. Now you’re all set for your next battle. With all the gaming conveniences made possible by Globe, go ahead and purchase that new skin, and get all the ML diamonds you need or want.

How to purchase diamond in ML?

Enter your MLBB user ID and Zone ID. Select the value of Diamonds you wish to purchase. Complete the transaction and the diamonds will be instantly delivered to your Mobile Legends account.

How do you buy diamonds on Mobile Legends with a SIM card?

Log in to the DITO App. Click ‘App Subscription’ and select ‘Mobile Legends’ Choose the Diamond denomination you want to top up. Enter your User ID and Zone ID. Enter your DITO number to pay using your load. You will receive a confirmation message that your transaction is successful. Game on!

How do you buy diamonds in ML on Google Play?

Enter the Mobile Legends application. Select the Diamonds logo in the menu section at the top right. Select the number of Diamonds you want. Click ‘Buy’ then confirm your Telkomsel number and email.

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How to have free dias in ML?

Play frequently and reach Epic V rank. Your profile needs to have at least 1,500 followers. Your in-game Credit Score needs to be 100. You need to play and finish at least five matches in the last five days.

How many ML is 1000 diamonds?

Buy Mobile Legends diamonds 50 diamonds (get five bonus) – $0.99 (£0.99) 250 diamonds (get 25 bonus) – $4.99 (£4.99) 500 diamonds (get 65 bonus) – $9.99 (£9.99) 1000 diamonds (get 155 bonus) – $19.99 (£19.99)

Can u gift diamonds in ML?

Click on the pink Gift Icon below the Heart symbol on the right side of your screen. You will see various gift options (with corresponding diamond value) available to send to your friend.

Can I buy diamonds in ML using load?

After confirming that you have a load balance, head to the game’s recharge center by tapping on the diamonds in the main lobby. Access the recharge center by tapping on the diamonds. 3. Select the amount of ML diamonds or bundles that you want to purchase.

Where can I recharge diamond in ML using smart?

First, go to or mobile app and log in to your Wallet Codes account. Select Globe or Smart Load as your preferred payment method. Key in your Mobile Legends User ID and Zone ID which can be found inside your MLBB mobile app.

Can I use Google Play card for Mobile Legends?

Through the promo, Mobile Legends players will receive a set of in-game items based on the respective value of the Google Play gift card that they purchased.

Can you use Google Play gift card for Mobile Legends?

Google Play Voucher Code Redeem Policy: Voucher code can only be redeemed in Google Play Store (Android’s official application store) to buy applications, games, and other contents (including Mobile Legends Bang Bang!).

How to get free diamond?

Free Fire players can get free diamonds via the Google Opinion Rewards application. To get free diamonds, players just need to download the app from the Google play store and answer a few survey questions to set up their profiles.

What is the code for free diamonds in ML?

515onboardwithMasterRamen. txfqcedbhqva2afw – Rewards: 1500 Diamonds.

Can you refund Dias in ML?

There you will see the history of the diamond orders that you have purchased. The next step to do a Mobile Legends diamond refund by selecting the previous purchase history contained in your account on the Play Store and then clicking on the purchase you want to refund.

How can I buy 10 diamonds in ML?

Select the Diamond denomination. Enter your ML User ID and Zone ID. Check out and select your payment method. Once payment is made, the ML Diamond you purchased will be credited to your MLBB Account shortly.

How do I withdraw money from Diamond?

You can get a Citi Diamond Preferred cash advance by using the card to withdraw funds from any ATM that accepts Mastercard. Alternatively, you can visit a Citibank branch to request a cash advance in person.

What is the worth of 1 diamond?

On average, the retail price for one carat diamonds can be anywhere between $2,000 to $16,000, and between $8,000 to $72,000 for two carat diamonds . And of course, the retail price and the resale value of a diamond are very different things.

Do ML diamonds expire?

Points are redeemable up to three (3) years after the point was earned. To convert your points to Peso credits, inform the Frontline Associate at any M Lhuillier branch and present your ML Diamond Card and a valid ID.

How many BB coins are in a diamond?

One gift is equivalent to one BB Coin. These BB Coins will be sent to the streamer via in-game mail after the livestream. Players can then convert 5 BB coins to 1 Diamond.

How many diamonds does it take to change your name ML?

To purchase the card, just go to Shop > Preparation then find the Name Change Card that costs 300 diamonds unless you have discount cards in your inventory.

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