How to convert G shells to RP?

So, you want to know How to convert G shells to RP?

1) Go to 2) Drag your mouse to the “Payment category” and click “Topup Shells”. 3) Choose a payment type. 4) Open your LoL client and go to the in-game store. 5) Click the ”Purchase RP” tab. 6) You may now choose the amount of conversion desired. 7) Click “Convert Shells into RP” button.

How do I top up Codm with Globe load?

Select the amount of Garena Shell voucher you wish to purchase. Select your payment method. Type your email address. Enter your Mobile Number. Enter the code sent to your Mobile Number to complete your purchase.

How to buy Garena shells using prepaid load?

Go to Garena PH Topup Center. Login to your Garena Account. Click Shell Top Up and select Garena Prepaid Card. Enter your Garena Shell Prepaid Card Password and click Confirm to complete top up.

How to use Garena Shell voucher from Globe?

Download via Play store or App store and/or open the GlobeOne app. Go to the Rewards section then Select/Search: Garena. Click Next then Redeem. Wait for the confirmation notification, along with a message from 4438 containing the unique code.

How to convert G shells to RP Related Questions

How do I buy RP?

Purchasing RP can be done online using a credit/debit card or via PayPal. It can also be redeemed from a gift code. RP is purchased with real-life currency, pricing will vary based on region.

Can you get Rp without buying it?

Players cannot earn RP through playing and winning in the game, instead, they need to purchase this in-game currency through real-world currency. Putting real-world money into a game is not a privilege that every player has, therefore, they can use the Microsoft Rewards system to earn some RP for League of Legends.

How do I load a promo code on globe?

Dial *143#, choose Share-A-Load/Promo when prompted, and follow the instructions. Choose a GoSURF now! If you want to know more, check out our subscription guide for Globe Prepaid Promos.

Where to buy Garena shells using Globe load?

Step 1: Go to to buy Garena Shells. Step 2: Pick the Garena gift card amount you want. Step 3: Complete the transaction. Step 4: Receive your redemption code. Step 5: Log into your Garena account. Step 6: Input the redemption code you received earlier.

How much is cod points in Philippines?

Players will have to purchase the 80 CP tier four times or one 420 CP tier (which also gives players an extra 5% CP) to buy the premium pass. If players go for the 80 CP option, they’ll need to shell out ‚DZ196 (PHP) or ‚DZ260 for a slightly higher value for money.

How to buy Garena shells using load smart?

Buy game credits via SMS You simply have to text the designated keyword for the game publisher and game credit denomination. For example: GARENA110 and send to 3161 (for Smart and TNT subscribers) or to 2354 (for Sun subscribers).

How can I convert regular load to GCash?

Download and Install the GCash app. Register yourself and Login into your account. Choose Cash-in and the “Prepaid load to GCash“. Enter the Amount. Confirm, and then you will get the confirmation message and the load converts to GCash.

How do I buy Garena shells with G Cash?

Enter the phone number to link the GCash, and you can verify it with the authentication code required on the next page. On the Garena site, choose GCash as payment mode and complete the transaction.

How do I use Shell voucher?

The QR voucher code can be used in participating Shell stations nationwide. To use it, just ask for the GCash QR standee from Shell participating branch. Input the amount to be paid and before completing the transaction, click Use Voucher to avail of the discount.

How to buy Garena prepaid?

You can purchase Garena Prepaid Card, or use other channels including Paypal, Alipay, to topup Shell. Simply click on the Shell icon and choose your desired channel to topup. To convert Garena Shell into PC game points, click on the PC game and choose the desired denomination.

How do I use my globe Giftaway voucher?

Globe Prepaid eGift can be used top-up your Globe Prepaid balance. Each eGift has a unique code that corresponds to an amount/denomination. The recipient is responsible for the safekeeping of the eGift code. To use the eGift, the recipient must redeem through the link provided as part of the eGift details.

How do I buy RP on my phone?

Select the Mobile Payment option. Choose the Riot Point bundle that you wish to purchase. Once you select a bundle, the store will load this Boku page. Enter your mobile phone number in the box using the requested format, and read and agree to the Terms of Use. Be sure to double check the payment amount is correct.

Can I purchase RP online?

You can buy Riot Points online directly through your League of Legends account, or as a gift card in stores or through an online retailer.

What is the cheapest way to buy RP?

Top up your main account to have at least 2,600 RP* Transfer the account to a cheaper region. Buy Riot Points as you please, accounting for 2,600 RP transfer fee back. Transfer the account to the server where you normally play** Enjoy the discounted RP.

Can I buy RP with a gift card?

You can do this by purchasing a gift card from one of the retailers associated to Openbucks. This gift card can be used in our store to purchase Riot Points to your own account.

How many riot points is 10 dollars?

League of Legends $10 Gift Card – 1380 Riot Points – NA Server Only [Online Game Code] and Headset Bundle.

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