How do I redeem my Petron rewards?

So, you want to know How do I redeem my Petron rewards?

Simply send the following through SMS: REDEEM16-digit Petron Card numberSMCINxxx *Available codes are: SMCIN100 (P100 coupon), SMCIN300 (P300 coupon), SMCIN500 (P500 coupon), SMBB250 (1 Blockbuster movie coupon), and SMIMAX450 (P450 IMAX ticket) Ex.

Can I use Petron points to gas up?

Points are earned based on the amount of fuel, LPG, or lubes you purchase detailed in the link. Each point has a value of P1 and if you accumulate enough, it can be redeemed to pay for fuel, lubricants, or any Petron products.

How do I check the value of my Petron card?

Ways how to check your Petron Value Card points SMS | Text BAL 16-digit PVC number and send it to 0917-5671111. E-MAIL | Send BAL 16-digit PVC number and send it to

Does Petron Value Card expire?

DOES THE PETRON VALUE CARD EXPIRE? The PSME-Petron Value Card and Points do not expire.

How do I redeem my Petron rewards Related Questions

How do I reload my Petron Fleet Card?

Easily top up credits through cash deposit, cheque, or online banking transfer. Use your card at fuel pump terminals, or through payment counters in the Treats store. Earn Petron Miles points for fuel purchase, and redeem points for instant rewards.

How much gas can you get with 1000 fuel points?

Terms and Conditions. Save 10 cents per gallon on fuel for every 100 Harris Teeter Fuel Points redeemed, up to 1,000 points or $1.00 per gallon (maximum of 35 gallons). Fuel Points can be redeemed at Harris Teeter Fuel Centers and participating BP or Amoco locations.

How much is Petron points in peso?

The value of 1 point is equivalent to P 1.00 and can be redeemed at over 2,400 Petron service stations nationwide. In addition, PVC card holders are entitled to 24-hour towing and roadside assistance and a year-round Personal Accident Insurance coverage worth up to P 10,000.

What is the best points card for gas?

Featured. American Express ® Gold Rewards Card. Up to 30,000 Membership Rewards points. Scotiabank ® Gold American Express ® Card. BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card. CIBC Dividend ® Visa Infinite* Card. SimplyCash ® Preferred Card from American Express.

How to activate Petron Value Card Philippines?

Purchase Petron Value Card (Privilege) in the nearest. Petron Gas Station or from the Ingenious Office at Php. … Register you card thru SMS by following this format: Type: REG16-digit. … Send to 0917-567-1111. …

How do I update my Petron Value Card?

If you have recently changed your number and want to update your contact details, send us an email at and we will assist you! Mageswari Rajan and 136 others like this.

What is the benefit of Petron card?


What is the purpose of Petron Value Card?

Our Petron Value Card (PVC) allows you to get more out of our fuel purchases by earning points at participating Petron establishments. PVC points may be redeemed at over 2,400 Petron service stations nationwide.

How do I activate my Petron Miles card?

Registration via SMS does not require postal code. Just PETRON REG (Name) (IC number) (last 12 digit of Pmiles card). Hi Nasrul Smile, sepatutnya encik menerima pengesahan itu dalam 24 jam selepas SMS dihantar. Mohon hubungi Perkhidmatan Pelanggan kami di 1 300 888 812 untuk pengesahan.

How do I load my total fuel card?

Go to M-PESA menu and select Lipa na Mpesa. Select Paybill. Enter the Business number 983200. Enter your card number beginning with word ‘tomcard’ as the account number i.e. tomcard111222. Enter the amount you wish to top up. Enter your M-PESA PIN to confirm. Confirm transaction details & accept.

Can you reload a gas card?

Prepaid fuel cards (also known as ‚Äúprepaid gas cards‚Äù) are basically gifts card which you preload with money, and your drivers use them to pay for fuel and maintenance. They’re reloadable and reusable.

Are gas gift cards reloadable?

Unlike traditional gas cards, prepaid fuel cards are not credit cards. Instead, they are reloadable fuel cards that work like debit cards. After you select the number of prepaid gas cards that your employees need, you then deposit money onto each individual card using our app.

How much gas does $50 get you?

If you spend $50, you’d be able to get nine gallons. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average car goes 24.2 miles per gallon. That means you’d be able to, on average, go 215 miles roundtrip. You can search your car’s fuel economy here.

How much is 300 fuel points worth?

300 points equals 30 cents off per gallon. And so on up to a $1 off per gallon max possible savings.

How much will 10 dollars of gas get you?

Since gas is $2.50/gallon and you buy $10 worth, that says you’ll get 4 gallons of gas ($2.50 * 4 = $10). Now figure out how many gallons you have left in your car. If you car holds 13 gallons, 1/4 of that is 3.25 gallons.

How do you convert Petron tokens to dollars?

1D. ALL.

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