TALK N’ TEXT or TNT, together with SUN CELLULAR, is a subsidiary of SMART Communications. Check promo deals for your TNT experience here. 

TNT promos for 7 days or 1-month validity gives subscribers the flexibility and variety they need. The 7 day Talk ‘N Text option is perfect when there are days that you might need a longer validity or if you will need a continuous yet is considering to subscribe on the weekends for a higher MB data. While for the 1-month validity, this is perfect for those who need constant, stable, and uninterrupted service. 

Having registered to a longer maximum period can help a TNT subscriber cut the costs on their mobile network charges, not to mention to avoid the trouble in loading your mobile phone. An example is when you register, say with PANALO 40, your validity lasts 7 days with unlimited calls to SUN/Smart/TNT and unlimited texts to all networks, while on the other hand, you get almost the same features as with TNTCOMBO20  that has a validity of 3 days. So with two registrations of TNT COMBO20, you have spent 40 pesos. This makes the 7-day validity of Panalo 40 more economical wherein all you save 1 day of mobile call and text as well as mobile data use. As it shows, the longer the validity, the higher the saving costs you incur, but still, this depends on your usage and needs. 


See the promo names below, together with the description and cost. Make sure to compare the inclusions to see which TNT promo deals are perfect for your mobile networking needs. 

Promo Name

 Promo Details

 How to Register


Panalo 40

  •  Unlimited calls to TNT/Smart/Sun
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • (Available only in North and Central Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao provinces)

 Text P40 to 4545


Gaan Surf 50

  •  500MB data
  • 200MB for Facebook, YouTube and Mobile Legends

 Text GAANSURF50 to 4545


Unli All-Net Text 60

  •  150 minutes calls to TNT/Smart/Sun
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • 150MB of Tropa Apps

 Text UA60 to 4545


Panalo Combo 60

  •  500MB data
  • 100 minutes calls to TNT/Smart/Sun
  • Unlimited texts to all networks

 Text PC60 to 4545


Unli Talk and Text 100

  •  Unlimited calls to TNT/Smart/Sun
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • 100MB Tropa Apps

 Text T100 to 4545


Surf Max 299

  •  800MB data per day

 Text SurfMax299 to 4545



Promo Name

 Promo Details

 How to Register


Facebook 99

  •  1.5GB for Facebook

 Text FACEBOOK99 to 4545


YouTube 99

  •  1.5GB for YouTube

 Text YOUTUBE99 to 4545



  •  Unlimited texts to TNT/Smart/Sun
  • 150 minutes calls to TNT/Smart/Sun
  • 150 texts to other networks

 Text UTP150 to 4545


Gaan Surf 150

  •  1.5GB data
  • 750MB for Facebook, YouTube and Mobile Legends

 Text GAANSURF150 to 4545



  •  Unlimited texts to all networks
  • 300 minutes calls to TNT/Smart/Sun

 Text UA300 to 4545


Surf Max 999

  •  800MB data per day

 Text SurfMax999 to 4545



  1. Make sure you know which among your contacts are TNT, Smart, and Sun Cellular users, as this can be useful when you are registered to an unlimited promo. For example, when you TNT ALLOUT 30, you do have unlimited texts to all networks, but you are given 30 minutes to call TNT, Smart, or Sun subscribers. See Other TNT promos here. This way, you will avoid extra charging on your phone. Please see the list of Prefix Numbers of Mobile Numbers here. 
  1. Always check the status of your usage as there are TNT mobile networking promos that set a maximum amount of data. To check your promo status, just dial *123#, then select balance/services then check balance. You will receive a message about your load balance. 
  1. Remember to wait for the notification message from Talk ‘N Text to you before using your load. It may take a while, depending on your signal. Using your call, text, or data load before confirmation of your request will cost you with extra charges. 
  1. Continue to use Talk ‘N Text promos as you can incur rebates with TNT MVP Rewards. For more details, just visit to register your account to start redeeming points. 
  1. Make sure that the promos listed are available in your area. There are instances wherein a TNT subscriber registers to a promo but was not able to receive a notification text from Talk ‘N Text. 
  1. If you want to extend the validity period of some of the promos enlisted above, you can text 4545 with the keyword EXTEND for 1 day that costs 5 pesos. 
  1. Talk ‘N Text only offers unlimited calls to TNT subscribers, and there are no call promos to Globe/TM cellular networks as well as landline. 
  1. TNT powered by SMART Communications ensures the use of 4G or LTE internet speed. You can upgrade to the recent TNT LTE-POWERED SIM to maximize the benefits of this faster mobile internet connection. You can also switch off your inactive applications in the automatic upgrade menu by tapping on your google play icon and search for settings. 
  1. When you experience downtime or inability to register on the TNT promo deals, it is possible that the system is in maintenance or that the promo is no longer active. Make sure to visit the official website of Talk ‘N Text to be always updated on the latest news and promo deals for TNT subscribers
  1. You can check your Talk ‘N Text balance by simply texting ?15001 to 214. 


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